30 janvier 2012

Deceiving Consumers of Water Filters

I am not a water filter in order to promote the brand and what is not, has written this article
Because they can be effective to provide enough information for consumers on average May
To choose to be educated when you shop to buy water filters.

This is 80% of U.S. homeowners, which is expected to possess or use
At this time, using water filters. Many, I believe, has bought filters
And that there is no real effect, it may cost your arms and legs
Filter replacement costs.

I have been involved in the water filtration industry for several years.
I do not find water filters to produce pure water! I see more
One ad, such as wider than I've ever seen. Just last night to
For example, when watching TV I saw two different ads
Newest and best water filters. They claim to produce pure water better!
Not a single mention further certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.
No water filter, water filter or something to really well to remove all contaminants
What is to reduce pollutants.

Hundreds of water filter manufacturer in the U.S. manufacturing today.
Thousands of different products of water filtered. A few generations
Water filters are very effective as long as the cost reduction of pollution and

To purchase a water filter useless ineffective. Old concepts,
You still get the truth for what you pay for. Most water filters are not cheap
And reduce pollution as long as it is when it comes to change, soaking the consumer
Filter. Many high-quality water filter to effectively reduce the number of large
Highly contaminated material. Labeling should indicate that contaminants filter
Filter is reduced.

Labels also must demonstrate the ability to design high-quality evaluation of filter
To save money in the long run. Filter life and capacity assessment
Determine how many gallons are actually produced by the filter. For example,
Filters to produce more than 500 gallons compared to that produced
100 gallon only costs much more efficient.

More recently, while shopping at a local discount store, I watched the water
Filters they offer. They have a small amount of inexpensive filters
And reduce pollutants, except if any. Some of the sub-filters
Chlor, tin, we are only able to reduce particulate and. Some may be so
Reduces bacteria, such as cysts, depending on the evaluation of microns long, perhaps
Several other contaminants. No filters are cheaper, and not very effective in
Basing all, elken water filter.

Most of these filters will take less than $ 50.00. Filters come in a special
Is the $ 45.00 price tag of the heart. This filter replacement filters cost $ 8.50 each.
Evaluation of the ability of this filter is 100 gallons. Total 8.5 cents per
Gallon. According to a particular filter only reduces lead and chlorine

Now, my husband and me, please use about 3-4 gallons of water per day for drinking
Coffee, tea, ice, food, water and firewood, and two dogs. Given the number of screening
The water we use, I need to change the filter every 25 days. This is the replacement of 14.
Filter year! $ 8.50 each annual cost would reach $ 119.00. Early
In addition to water filters, filter replacement costs for the year will be the summation
The first year cost about $ 165.00. In only two years I will spend more
I was out buying a better quality system to effectively reduce the area
Much better with the amount of pollutants, and providing drinking water and health.

Drinking water filtration system we use has been assessed at 1200 gallons. It is hidden
In contrast, under the sink out of the way, has a separate faucet is attached to the sink
Depending on the faucet for me. This reduces the quality system is one of the best on the market
Wide range of contaminants are NSF certified. I have this filter
Number of years. If I remember correctly, the initial cost of the system is $ 320.00.
Once a year, please replace my filter cost $ 59.95. Total of 5 cents per
Gallons of drinking water quality.

Obviously, dollar for dollar, the real value is the quality system.

So how do you determine the extent of water filters work? When reading labels, please check
Filters to determine if a NSF certified. Buy NSF approved filters that are not there.
Manufacturers of quality filters, filter NSF has approved them, and proud
Its authorization to advertise on the label.

If only water filtration system, NSF certified, consumers can be assured that
This product meets stringent standards for performance. NSF testing standards are not
NSF certification does not mean. Each water filter claims to be tested to NSF standards
It really has been tested and certified by NSF. Again, this is a prime number.
Examples of companies mislead consumers.

NSF has tested water filter manufacturers claim to do, to express. Well as
In other words, they also monitor the production process by making spot checks. NSF is
Come to the factory without prior notice, to monitor the manufacturing process.

Consumers go to the NSF web site, you can see the determination of the actual certification
Determine what percentage of contaminants reduced to show filter
The reduction shows more filter life. NSF site
http://www.nsf.org, please click on the search for water treatment and consumer equipment only.

Water purification and filtration of water is really different. Water
Purification is the introduction of chlorine or other chemicals to kill
Bacteria in the water.

Infared lighting, as their purpose, water purification and can be considered
What is to destroy the bacteria. Screening of water, several types of water filters that actually.

Others find when shopping for water filter is a technique
Best to you.

They are so loose to avoid carbon filter that allows air to be present in carbon
There are no factories but for bacteria.

Most effective mix of media filters for specific contaminants, you can do.
Reduce various pollutants.

Distillation is the process of steam heated to the point of water.
Steam passing from the container and heated in a separate container, as follows.
Cools.Distillation steam is very effective to remove the salts and minerals, however.
Many chemicals that are limited to the removal of some chemical pollutants that evaporate as the right
With water.

I find many people who are confused with the function of reverse osmosis.
Reverse osmosis is a process that does not pass through the membrane.
Let the course of certain pollutants. Reverse osmosis can become an effective job on the barium
Radium, cadmium, copper, fluoride, perklorat, minerals, salts and some other
However, not valid in a variety of contaminants. Most of the reverse osmosis unit, including
An additional type of technology filtered. Some are very effective.
Depending on the type of filter to use a. Types of water filtration
The system is usually 3-4, are identified or as a system of five.

I block carbon filter solid or solid recommendations for the average consumer.
Combined carbon block and reverse osmosis. Solid carbon block filters are high quality
Very effective in a variety of pollutants to less than 1 micron, are not allowed
Therefore, the oxygen present in the carbon filter can allow bacteria to pass
Through a carbon filter or produced on the inside. Solid carbon block only Shinairemasu
Reducing the healthy minerals.

To reduce pollutants to consider the use of drinking water filtration system
Reverse-osmosis technology, combined with solid carbon block, keep in mind what is
Remove the healthy minerals.

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