30 janvier 2012

Refrigerator Water Filter History

The earliest recorded method of water filtration, now dating back to 2000 BC, placing hot metal instruments in water, filtering water through charcoal and sand, hieroglyphs depict methods of boiling water. This method of cleaning early, and thus is predicted to have been applied to make the water taste better. Filtered water, even if not pure, the advent of the microscope has been developed which allows to determine the foreign matter and contaminants in water is considered clean. Most striking, a microscope to identify bacteria responsible for cholera in drinking water disease outbreaks in London during the 19th century. Fashion, drinking water, but all regions except the walls of the district to filter through the sand. Chlorine can be effective to remove water from the epidemics of cholera also found that the chemical disinfectant. It is, chemicals used in combination with a sand filter, chlorine, well water-borne diseases, typhoid fever were found effective in combating cholera and dysentery.

In order to achieve drinking water purity, chlorine disinfection and sand filtering, then, the United States, a method that stand out from the city water treatment throughout Europe. It has been evaluated using research methods and techniques of water filter primitive to achieve decontamination and purity. Chlor, although the history is lost from the water, pesticides and pollution. Since then, asthma and other respiratory complications have been found to show side effects that aggravate and induction. Toxic chemicals, especially in the bathroom, when inhaled dangerous toxic build evaporate faster than water. Fluoride is then added as a disinfectant has been added chemicals, sawyer water filter, but also have side effects and other health complications teeth injured children. Water pipes in drinking water treatment and distribution of chemical contaminants and further compromise the product and lead others.

Business and industry have a role in removing waste into clean water for us. This accommodation directly pollute the water, and upset the balance of water flow and creation established by nature. U. S. Clean Water Act diundangkan in 1972, has been physically affected by the contamination of water, intended to restore the balance of chemical and biological. All natural water supply by 1985 at least, the law designated as safe for fishing and swimming. These specifications lead to the development of some form of innovation and advanced filtering the water used in the same industry all cities in the U.S., water filtration and disinfection. However, the severity of the damage of the past and continue to leave the supply is still contaminated with pollutants from the 1 / 3 of all water.

Reduce water pollution to ensure drinking water safety as well, in order to comply with national efforts, the filtered water system has been developed to filter the water in households. This system is to filter the water that came to the house, and the system at various points in the distribution of water in the house, such as jars or water in the refrigerator and press like water, the line has been designed to filter out. Enterprises based in the U.S., Omnipure Filter Company, the world's first small, disposable, inline water filter with the expansion of its deposits to themselves. Omnipure CL Series of water filters was developed in 1970, chilled water, carbon-based ice machines are designed for, is in-line inspection system. This benchmark water filtering system, granular activated carbon to create cost-effective method in-line water filter (GAC) is used. Using the same basic design, advanced features, because the whole house filters, faucet filters, filter tables, filter jug, which causes the development of portable filter for camping filters and refrigerator.

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